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Category: Dispute Resolution

Attorney for Creditor-Debtor Rights Dispute

When to Hire an Attorney for Your California Creditor-Debtor Rights Dispute Creditor-debtor rights disputes can place a small business in a precarious situation. When the small business is in the position of the creditor, disputes with debtors can mean that the business is not able to obtain payment from the individuals and entities that owe the business money. When the small business is in the position of the debtor, the actions of creditors can deprive the small business of its monetary and...

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What to Do When Business Partners Do Not Agree

Partnerships are one type of business entity available to California entrepreneurs. A partnership can be formed at any time when two or more individuals agree to pursue a business venture for the purposes of making a profit. In most partnerships, each of the founding members (or partners) of the business have the right to participate in making decisions that affect the operation of the partnership (unless the partnership agreement specifies otherwise). When two or more partners disagree as to...

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What You Should Know About Judgments

What You Should Know About Judgments by Thomas von Thury, Esq. Most people don’t think about court judgments until they are faced with one, either about to be or already issued. Yet everyone should be aware of the basic principles underlying a court judgment so that they can judge the relative importance of avoiding one and develop a plan (and budget) to deal with the possibility of either (i) trying to collect a judgment in their favor or (ii) deal with a judgment about to be or already issued...

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Suit As An Effective Settlement Strategy

Suit As An Effective Settlement Strategy by Thomas von Thury, Esq. Most lawyers know that the objective of a lawsuit is settlement, not a trial. After all, one can never absolutely sure what a judge or jury will do. By the time that most clients seek a lawyer’s assistance with respect to a dispute, at least many who come to me, they have already expended considerable time trying to resolve the matter themselves. In those situations my recommendation is almost always to promptly initiate a lawsuit....

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