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California Business Law Attorneys

When your business is facing an uncertain future because of a legal question or quandary, an experienced and knowledgeable business law attorney can prove to be invaluable. Even a small business is affected by laws from a variety of fields: contracts, torts, employment law, immigration law, secured transaction law, and civil rights are just a few of the areas that can impact the decisions a business owner makes on behalf of his or her business. Where a business owner has a significant legal background, he or she may be able to navigate the sometimes-complicated waters of business law. For business owners without a legal background, a California business law attorney can help owners take decisive and confident action to advance their business goals.

Services Provided by a California Business Law Attorney

A business law attorney is more than just a business owner’s legal advisor. A knowledgeable business law attorney is intimately familiar with a variety of areas of the law and how these can impact a business’s operations. A business law attorney’s work is both proactive and reactive in nature: he or she will work with the business owner to minimize disruptions to the business’s operations and can also react quickly to troubles or issues that cannot be prevented or anticipated.

Some of the issues that business owners seek help from business law attorneys include:

  • Business formation, selecting the appropriate business entity type given your resources, goals, and objectives, and complying with all administrative requirements in order to begin and continue business operations;
  • Contract drafting, including creating contracts that clearly spell out the rights and obligations of the parties and that protect the business owner in the event the other party to the contract fails to live up to his or her promises;
  • Employment issues, which would include hiring and terminating employees, complying with immigration laws that pertain to employment, and addressing workplace grievances;
  • Corporate law that governs the formation, operation, and dissolution of a corporation, the issuance of stock, and activities of shareholders and directors;
  • Intellectual property law, a highly-complex area of the law that governs the issuance of trademarks, copyrights, and other protections for a company’s inventions, processes, or other creations.

In addition, your business law attorney should be well-versed in civil litigation principles, including helping a business owner determine whether to litigate a case in court, conducting discovery in anticipation of litigation and helping business owners meet their own discovery obligations, and presenting a powerful and persuasive case in court.

Contact JGPC Law for Help with Your Business Law Needs

The California business law attorneys at JGPC Law are committed to using their knowledge and legal skill to assist business owners in meeting their legal obligations and protecting the legal interests of themselves and of their businesses. JGPC Law attorneys have years of experience in assisting businesses of various types and sizes successfully address a wide variety of legal issues. Contact JGPC Law today by calling (925) 463-9600 or contacting us online.


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