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California Corporate Lawyers

A California corporate lawyer is a trusted ally when you are thinking of starting a new corporation in California. Even if your business has been up and running for several months or years, a corporate lawyer’s advice, counsel, and skill can help make your business’s operations run more efficiently and prevent your business from becoming enmeshed in expensive and time-consuming litigation. Whether your corporation is large or small, count on the assistance of an experienced California corporate lawyer to help you and your business reach their full potential. 

Services Provided by Your California Corporate Attorney

A California corporate lawyer’s knowledge and skill covers all aspects of a corporation’s business operations, from starting up to winding down. Retaining the services of an experienced corporate attorney as early as possible in the life of your business means that your lawyer’s skill and experience can help ensure your business rests on a solid foundation and is poised to grow. Corporate attorneys assist with:

  • Pre-incorporation issues and executing contracts with investors and others who will assist in initially financing and supporting the corporation;
  • Business formation matters such as initial meeting of the corporation’s owners, creation of articles of incorporation and corporate bylaws, and registering the business with the California Secretary of State;
  • Post-incorporation matters such as the novation or assumption of pre-incorporation debts and obligations by the corporation;
  • Preparation and submission of reports to applicable government agencies;
  • Acquisition of merchandise, real property, capital assets, or other items of property;
  • Intellectual property matters, including obtaining patents, trademarks, and/or copyrights and protecting corporate intellectual property against theft or misappropriation;
  • Contract drafting, execution, and enforcement;
  • Tax advice to maximize the value of corporate assets and minimize negative consequences to shareholders;
  • Buy-sell agreements;
  • Preparing and conducting annual shareholder meetings;
  • Litigation of commercial disputes with customers, suppliers, government agencies, and/or others;
  • Corporate reorganization or restructuring; and/or
  • Dissolution and winding up of corporate affairs.

A corporate attorney provides many more services than simply advising the owners and directors of a corporation as to the potential legal ramifications of a particular course of action. A corporate lawyer can assist you in taking the legal steps and actions necessary to avoid potential disruptions to your business’s operations and respond quickly and effectively to those legal troubles and problems that are unavoidable. All this means you are able to focus more time and attention on your building your business.

Contact the Corporate Attorneys at JGPC Law

The corporate attorneys at JGPC are intimately familiar with the legal challenges facing corporate owners and officers. We are committed to providing accurate, timely, and relevant advice to business owners so that their businesses can flourish. Our attorneys’ vast experiences and varied backgrounds means that we are able to advise businesses of all sizes facing unusual or challenging legal issues. We assist clients throughout California, including the areas of Pleasanton, Livermore, San Leandro, Oakland, Fremont, Danville and Walnut Creek. Contact JGPC Law today by calling (925) 463-9600 or by completing our online contact form.

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