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California Start Up Law Firm

Who benefits from a California business start-up lawyer’s services? Ask yourself: Are you thinking of starting up a new business? If so, you are making a decision to become part of the entrepreneurial spirit that has defined American business for generations. Part of any start-up plan involves making sure you have the essentials covered:

  • A solid business plan or model;
  • Sufficient capital and investors to make your business work;
  • The support of family and friends who can help you along the way.

Is anything missing? Yes – do not forget to consult with your California business start-up lawyer.

“I Don’t Need a Business Start-Up Law Firm . . . Do I?” 

In times past an entrepreneur could simply think and manufacture a product or devise a service and immediately try to sell the product or service to the masses. While theoretically this is still possible – you can still invent your own gadget or develop skills in picture-hanging and go door-to-door – this is not usually a wise business strategy.

You want your business to succeed. You want your time and investment to pay off. For these reasons you need the help of a business start-up lawyer.

“What Can a Business Start-Up Lawyer Do for Me?” 

An experienced California business start-up law firm is an essential player on your start-up team. These attorneys are knowledgeable about business-specific laws and regulations and their advice and legal counsel can keep you from making costly mistakes. For instance, your California business start-up lawyer can:

  • Discuss with you the different types of business entities and how each one may or may not be suited to your business plans;
  • Draft articles of incorporation and bylaws to govern your new business;
  • Prepare necessary pre-launch contracts with investors, suppliers, and other important individuals necessary to the success of your business;
  • Help you complete the necessary paperwork to properly register your business;
  • Advise you on important actions that your new business must undertake quickly, either before or after formation;
  • Inform you of applicable labor laws and how they may impact your business if you choose to hire employees;
  • Create employment contracts necessary to govern your employees;
  • Other services and legal counsel.

Make no mistake – a business start-up lawyer is no mere talking head spouting advice. Business start-up attorneys are ready to go to court or into alternative dispute resolution settings to protect your legal rights as well.

Contact JGPC Law for Help 

If you are considering starting a business in Pleasanton, Livermore, San Leandro, Oakland, Fremont, Danville, Walnut Creek, or elsewhere in California, you need the counsel and support of JGPC Law. Our knowledgeable business start-up lawyers are experienced in helping new business owners get their commercial endeavors off to a good start. We will help guide you through the legal requirements to form your business so that you can focus your attention on your new company.

As you plan your new business venture, be sure to contact a JGPC business start-up attorney by calling (925) 463-9600 or contacting us online.

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