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Limited Liability Company (LLC) Services in Dublin

JGPC Law serves the business and corporate law communities in the Dublin area

Do You or Your Dublin Business Need an Experienced LLC Law Attorney?

JGPC business lawyers are attorneys specializing in helping business owners, managers, investors, buyers, and their businesses in every stage of the business life cycle. We have decades of experience in assisting privately held businesses and business owners with the legal issues related to all stages of business growth.

Our business law firm has received the Top “AV”® Rating for Business Lawyers.* Our attorneys’ extensive business law experience and commitment to excellence will ensure that you and your business make the best possible business law decisions, for today and tomorrow.

Our Limited Liability Company (LLC) Law Services

JGPC attorneys and paralegals have helped clients form hundreds of limited liability companies (LLCs) and family limited liability companies (FLLCs).

Before the formation of a limited liability company, we assist our clients with pre-formation planning, business plan review, tax planning, choice of entity analysis, intellectual property protection, entity formation, creation of a capital structure, equipment financing and leasing, raising capital, federal and state securities compliance, executive compensation structuring, buy-sell agreements, member agreements and service and purchase contracts.

We provide services covering all areas of LLC planning and formation, including:

Formation of LLCs and FLLCs

Limited Liability Company and Family Limited Liability Company Formation services include:

  • Review & analysis of business plans
  • Review & analysis of financial models
  • Introduction to sources of funding
  • Introduction to service providers
  • Franchise circular review and analysis in franchise law situations
  • Assisting the client with compliance with federal and state security laws
  • Assisting with private offering memorandum & subscription agreements
  • Helping the client preserve Reg D and other private offering exemptions

Pre-Formation Intellectual Property Protection

Pre-formation intellectual property protection services include:

  • Preparation and filing of patent applications
  • Use of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Trademark, trade name & copyright protection
  • Pre-formation IP assignment & protection
  • Patent & other IP licensing arrangements
  • Post-formation trade secret and IP protection
  • Dealing with non-compete and trade secret protection issues
  • Assignment and protection of intellectual property

Limited Liability Company and Family Limited Liability Company Services

Limited Liability Company and Family Limited Liability Company services include:

  • Determining the appropriate state of formation of the LLC
  • Assisting in the choice of the LLC name and reservation of the name
  • Creation of articles of organization structured to fit the business plan
  • Hand delivery filing of properly drafted articles of organization
  • Obtaining EIN and state identification numbers if appropriate
  • Filing state forms as required, including securities forms
  • Creation of an appropriately structured operating agreement & organizational documents
  • Tax analysis to determine the best choice of tax status
  • Filing of documents to obtain “disregarded” or “S” status when chosen
  • Evaluating choices for capitalizing the company
  • Determining appropriate debt and equity options and ratios
  • Creating complex membership security structures when appropriate
  • Creating multiple classes of membership interests, warrants, options and convertible debt instruments where required
  • Drafting employment and independent contractor agreements when required
  • Drafting right of first refusal agreements when required
  • Drafting founder, manager and membership provisions and protections
  • Drafting intellectual property protection agreements when required
  • Issuing founders membership interests with appropriate restrictions & disclosures
  • Providing assistance and documents for opening bank accounts
  • Transfer of business assets to the LLC when transferring an existing business to an LLC

Post-Formation of LLCs and FLLCs

Post-formation services include:

  • Assisting with angel financing, strategic investment & venture capital financing
  • Drafting Equipment financing and joint development arrangements
  • Assisting with joint venture and strategic partner structuring
  • Drafting documents to provide “sweat equity membership interests” or restricted membership interest agreements for service providers
  • Drafting LLC buy-sell and related agreements
  • Creating executive compensation plans
  • Creating equity participation documents and plans
  • Drafting employment agreements & employee handbooks
  • Analysis of employee & independent contractor issues
  • Creating restricted membership interests, membership interest options and other equity plans
  • Assistance in qualifying the LLC in a sister state when required
  • Post-formation trade secret and IP protection

Maintenance and Compliance

Limited Liability Company and Family Limited Liability Company maintenance and compliance services include:

  • Calendaring and providing reminders to the client for annual members & manager meetings or actions by written consent
  • Providing the client with assistance in complying with the state LLC filing requirements
  • Drafting annual or special meeting minutes or actions by written consent for members and managers when appropriate
  • Providing assistance in the preparation and filing of statements of information and other filings
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