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Intellectual Property Attorney

The Role of an Intellectual Property Attorney

In today’s business environment, it is more important than ever for businesses to consult with and retain the services of an intellectual property attorney. In general, intellectual property law encompasses the legal principles, statutes, regulations, and case law pertaining to intentions, literary or artistic works, and/or business names, images, and commercial designs (all of which are examples of intellectual property). However, knowing that you might need an intellectual property attorney and knowing how an intellectual property attorney benefits your business are two separate things. In order to truly appreciate the value that an intellectual property attorney represents, it is helpful to understand their role.

The IP Attorney Offers Preventative Legal Solutions

Legal disputes and quagmires represent obstacles to a business’s operations. Even if the business ultimately prevails in an intellectual property dispute, resolving the dispute takes time and resources that could be otherwise put into the business. An intellectual property attorney works with business owners, engineers, and others to use available intellectual property protections in order to prevent disputes from arising in the first place. From assisting business owners in completing applications for patent, copyright, and/or trademark protection to developing nondisclosure agreements to prevent employees from disclosing confidential business information to the public or to competitors, the hours an IP attorney spends in accomplishing these preventative tasks can often keep the business from having to expend even more resources later in court.

Even where a dispute is unavoidable, the IP attorney in his or her preventative role can attempt to negotiate a mutually-agreeable resolution to the dispute so as to keep the matter from proceeding to court.

The IP Attorney Offers Remedial Legal Solutions, As Well

When a competitor is using your idea or creation, the harm to your business’s reputation and bottom line can be immense. That is why your IP attorney needs to also be able to take swift legal action to stop the unauthorized use and dissemination of your products, your creations, and ideas. A skilled IP attorney will know what steps must be taken immediately to obtain temporary relief from the unlawful actions of others pending a resolution of the merits of the case. Not only this, but your IP attorney will know what evidence and witnesses will need to be presented in order to prevail in your case. Finally, your IP attorney will know how to accomplish these tasks in the most efficient manner so as to avoid unnecessary disruption of your business’s operations and unnecessary waste of your limited resources.

How JGPC Law Can Help 

At JGPC Law, our California intellectual property attorneys are skilled in the law and committed to helping your business take the steps its needs today to protect itself from unnecessary legal disputes in the future. Where legal troubles are unavoidable, our IP lawyers are knowledgeable and zealous advocates who have successfully represented businesses of all sizes in IP disputes. Contact us today for help with your IP needs. We represent business clients in Fremont, Danville, Walnut Creek, San Leandro, Livermore, Pleasanton, and Oakland communities. Contact us at (925) 463-9600 or through our website to discuss your IP needs today.


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Intellectual Property Attorney

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