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Litigation Attorney

Are you needing to litigate a lawsuit in the Bay Area? Have alternative dispute resolution procedures failed? Then you need the experienced litigation attorneys of JGPC Business and Corporate Law on your side. Litigation can be expensive and you often only have a single opportunity to prevail. It is vitally important, then, that you choose litigation attorneys that have the knowledge and skill necessary to win your case.

Whether a business contract dispute has erupted and you cannot agree with the other parties or your intellectual property has been infringed, causing your business financial loss and other harm, you should not make the decision to litigate a dispute lightly. There are many considerations that should go into deciding whether to litigate a matter and who should represent you throughout those proceedings.

What is Litigation?

Litigation is a very broad and general term that refers to the practice of resolving disputes through the court system and the rules that govern this process. In other words, to “litigate” a dispute means that each party involved will have his or her day in court where he or she can explain his or her position to the court, have the court consider applicable rules of law, and have the court issue a decision that is binding on the parties.

Why Do I Need a Litigation Attorney for My Dispute?

Presenting a case in court – much less preparing a case to be presented – is a time- and labor-intensive process that can take months or even years. Obviously, you want to maximize your resources and ensure that all time and materials spent preparing and presenting your case are going toward ensuring you receive the best possible outcome. An experienced litigation attorney can help you do this.

Litigation attorneys are familiar with the facts (sometimes called “elements”) that need to be proven in order for you to prevail in your case and the type of evidence available to accomplish this. Not only this, but litigation attorneys are familiar with the rules of evidence and how to present evidence and testimony so that it can be properly considered by the court. These skills and knowledge mean that your time and resources are spent wisely and focused on those things that will help you achieve the outcome you want.

What Should I Look for in a Litigation Attorney?

Not all business litigation attorneys are created equal. In and around Pleasanton, Livermore, San Leandro, Oakland, Fremont, Danville, and Walnut Creek there are any number of firms that market themselves as litigation attorneys. How do you know what firm is right one to handle your case? Ask the attorney or firm the following questions:

  • How long have you practiced litigation?
  • Are you licensed to practice in California? Are you licensed to practice before any federal courts?
  • What types of cases do you litigate? Have you actually litigated these types of cases?
  • How many cases have you actually litigated?
  • What results have you obtained for other clients?

Contact a Litigation Attorney

At JGPC Business and Corporate Law, we draw on our vast experience and knowledge of litigation in order to bring our clients exceptional results in and out of court. Let us explain to you the distinct advantage that representation by one of our litigation attorneys can bring to your business dispute.

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