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Labor and Employment Attorney


Labor and Employment Attorneys

JGPC Business and Corporate Law consists of labor and employment attorneys experienced in dealing with issues that emerge between the employees and employers. To discuss how we can help with employee contracts, age discrimination, termination, harassment and other employment related legal issues or training, please call 925-463-9600 now.

Are you in need of labor and employment attorneys to handle a pending case, or to review current processes and procedures to protect your business? Employers may be threatened or sued by employees for many causes, but there is no need to panic.  Responsible representation is critical for the employee who feels he has been wronged, and the employer that is involved.  JGPC Law can represent employees or employers, seeking to find common ground and responsible resolution.  For employers, JGPC Law also can review your current practices and procedures to ensure your handbooks and internal employee relations contain the latest legal and ethical processes. We also provide full representation for legal cases, through discovery, mediation, negotiation, litigation and resolution.

Labor and Employment Attorney Services

JGPC’s labor and employment attorneys can assist with items such as:

  • Unlawful Termination – Federal, State and Local laws can be complicated in cases of wrongful termination.
  • Workplace Harassment – Protecting the rights of individuals in the workplace from sexual harassment, or other forms of harassment, is critical.  Defense of the company and those involved are equally important.
  • Overtime – Wage laws, use of overtime, holiday, and shift compensation are more complicated than just punching a clock.  Both employees and employers may have questions about the rules as allowed by law.
  • Compensation Issues – Employment contracts, stock rights, bonuses and docked pay procedures should have consistent applications, with clearly documented regulations in place.
  • Workplace Violence – Keeping a safe, productive, and enjoyable workplace is critical, but events may arise between employees.  Know how to protect individuals and the company with procedures on how to react to workplace violence situations.

Labor and Employment Law Advice and Representation

Complicated issues about infringement of the labor and employment law for employers and employees require experienced legal advice, guidance and representation.  At JGPC, we review all the information involved to give the best advice for the most productive and cost effective solutions for the related parties.

Protection for Employees and Employers Start Early

Smart employers create comprehensive employment practices before the needs arise.  Structured employee relation handbooks and training should start with the first employee.  Startups and small businesses without full time or experienced Human Resources support can benefit from our early intervention and initiation of procedures and training.

Cost Effective Legal Services

JGPC Law specializes in delivering cost effect advice and legal services in a variety of employment related issues.  Call JGPC Law today at 925-463-9600 and discuss on matters that pertain your Labor and Employment Law.

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