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Avoiding Legal Actions Between Partners

A partnership is one of the easiest businesses to establish. Start-up costs tend to be lower than for many other types of business structures, such as an LLC or corporation. Partners tend to have more access to capital and greater borrowing capacity because they can fund their business with their personal assets. However, they do risk losing their business and personal assets if the partnership fails, like sole proprietors. In a rush to get their business started, the partners may put off...

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workplace verbal abuse

Corporate Protection Against Verbal Abuse in the Workplace

California does not have laws against verbal abuse in the workplace. There are prohibitions against harassment in the workplace monitored by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), but they usually do not include verbal abuse or bullying unless it is continuing and systematic. Companies must confront verbal abuse in the workplace, whether the employee committing the abuse is a supervisor or a co-employee. Obviously, management tends to disfavor a verbally abusive manager or...

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small business

Setting Up a Small Business HR Department

Starting a Business Also Means Setting Up a Human Resources Department At first, many small businesses manage their human resources function with spreadsheets. As the business grows, this system is less than effective because it does not scale well. Setting up a human resources department within a new or established company takes work, but with a solid plan and great legal advice from experienced corporate lawyers, your human resources department can be up and running in no time. Every...

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llc documentation

Getting Your LLC Documentation in Order

There are two nightmare scenarios that can turn a business enterprise from a dream into a horror story when a limited liability company’s (LLC) documentation is not in order. First, a failed LLC in California is treated as a general partnership for all purposes. Second, if you are a member of the failed LLC, you will lose the protection of your personal assets from the LLC’s debts and liabilities. Small businesses frequently get started in a rush and are lacking in organization. As a result,...

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Questions to Ask When Raising Money to Start or Grow Your Business

Businesses require capital or money to run and get off the ground. Once established, a cash infusion may be the only way your business can grow and obtain new customers or markets. When it comes time to raise money to start or grow your business the first step is to determine your comfort level with risk. Are You Comfortable With Risk? Depending on the structure of your business, protection of individual assets, is always an important consideration when forming or growing your business....

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Doing Business Online

What To Do About Bad Online Reviews For Your Business

Let’s face it, online reviews of your business by its customers are part and parcel of running a business in the digital age. Many of us check online reviews of businesses, especially restaurants or personal services firms like hair salons, before we try them out. A negative review can affect whether a consumer will seek your services or shop for a product in your retail establishment. If you search deeply, you may even acknowledge that you have written a review or two – publicly or...

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How to Select the Best Business Entity as a Franchisee

Best Business Entity Choices for Franchisees A person interested in starting a franchise business would be wise to research the legal options for formalizing their business entity. Not only do most franchise operators require a legally registered business entity, certain business entities can also limit the liability of the business and provide certain tax benefits to the owner or operator. The best business entity for a franchise will largely depend on the business owners appetite for risk, preferred...

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Choose Best Business Entity for Consulting Business

Best Business Entity Choices for Consultants Starting a consulting business in California is becoming a more popular, and more lucrative choice for many East Bay residents. When deciding to start a consulting business, there are several legal considerations that should be considered and decided on from the start. The most important of these decisions involves which business form or entity is best suited for your consulting business and future goals. Avoiding Personal Liability First, anyone considering...

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What To Do When Your Business Partner is Suing You

My Partner is Suing Me, What Do I Do? A business can end in many ways, from a successful sale to an unsuccessful bankruptcy. In some circumstances, a business can even end when one partner files a lawsuit against another. While the best legal option depends on the nature of the lawsuit and the partnership, potential outcomes from a lawsuit between partners can result in a dissolution of the business, holding a partner personally liable for a breach of contract, or expulsion of one partner from...

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Breach of Contract Examples

Business contracts are the private law that binds businesses and people. Entered into voluntarily, each party has the power to bargain for their rights in the contract and their corresponding obligations. Unfortunately, parties to a contract are not always able to fulfill these contractual obligations. When a person fails to perform, the party has committed a “breach of contract.” When this occurs, the laws applicable to Pleasanton, California and other California cities protect the businesses...

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