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What Do IP Attorneys Do and When Do You Need One?

Ideas, creative inventions and processes, and trademarks are what help give you an edge over your competition, and it is your intellectual property (IP) attorney’s job to ensure these assets continue to provide you benefits and advantages for years to come. Your IP attorney’s mission is simple: to help you take advantage of intellectual property laws in the United States and wherever else your business conducts commercial activity so that your products or services are distinguished from competitors and so that the valuable time and resources you spend in developing new products and processes are not unlawfully copied or duplicated by other businesses.

However, the best approach to protecting your California intellectual property rights is proactive in nature; therefore, retaining the services of an experienced California IP attorney should be a top priority for your business.

The Proactive and Reactive Tasks of an IP Attorney

One of an IP attorney’s primary proactive methods of protecting your company’s intellectual property is ensuring your creative ideas and processes, trademarks, and other similar assets are protected using patents, trademark protections, and/or copyrights. Even if your business does not sell its products outside of the United States, it may be beneficial (or even necessary) to register your intellectual property rights in the United States as well as in other countries so that you may be able to address counterfeiters and/or pirated goods being sold overseas more effectively.

Your IP attorney is also able to provide assistance once counterfeit products or activity that infringes on your IP rights is detected. Successfully prosecuting a claim for copyright, trademark, and/or patent infringement can be highly technical and require a considerable amount of time. In fact, it can be months – even years – before a claim for infringement is ready to be brought before the appropriate court for consideration.

Retain the Services of a California IP Attorney Today

Because a successful prosecution for intellectual property infringement begins by properly and timely registering your rights, obtaining help from a qualified and knowledgeable IP attorney as soon as possible is highly advisable. You do not want to discover in the midst of a trademark infringement case, for example, that your trademark was not properly registered. By the time an infringement case has surfaced, it is often too late to move to protect your rights. Therefore, as you begin developing your new business’s products and trademarks you should consult early and often with your IP attorney, too.

Contact JGPC Law, Your California IP Attorneys

JGPC Law and its team of dedicated and experienced California IP attorneys are here to assist you in protecting your California business’s intellectual property rights. We assist business owners and IP rights holders in Danville, Livermore, Tracy, Oakland, and Fremont. Speak with JGPC Law today about how we can assist you in protecting your IP rights: call us (925) 463-9600 or contact our firm online and learn more about our IP services today.

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