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Musical Bands and LLC

Why Your Music Band May Need an LLC

In the beginning, things are great with your band, spending long afternoons jamming in your living room in Livermore and playing gigs in Pleasanton.  The last thing you ever think about is needing a business lawyer for musicians.  One does not need to look too far into music history to find examples of how bands can get themselves involved in complicated legal matters.  Perhaps the court case in which Roger Waters battled his ex-bandmates in Pink Floyd throughout the 1980s over the legal rights...

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Doing Business Online

Do Home Businesses Need to Use a Business Entity?

There are lots of people in Livermore who work from home, and many of them could use a business lawyer for home businesses.  In 1995, audiences thought it was outrageous when Homer Simpson worked from home, wearing a comfy muumuu, but it was one of many times in the 90s when The Simpsons was way ahead of its time.  Today, working from home is the norm in many industries, including the creative and high-tech types of businesses that tend to flourish in Pleasanton, California. Which Business Entity...

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JGPC Law - Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore Business Attorneys - What You Should Know About Judgments

Local Attorney – Who Knows Your Business Needs Better?

Starting a business in the Bay Area is not like starting a business somewhere else.  When you hire a lawyer to help with business formation, you want someone who knows the entrepreneurship environment in your local area and the laws that will apply to the business.  A business lawyer who has only worked with companies in Miami or Chicago or Boston, for example, would not be of much help.  Your local attorney, with offices in Livermore and Pleasanton, is the best person to help you establish your...

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Business Attorney Office

JGPC Business and Corporate Law Opens New Office in Livermore, California

JGPC Business and Corporate Law is proud to announce that it has opened another office location at 373 North L Street in Livermore, CA.  The new office will provide all the same legal services as the services available at the original JGPC office in Pleasanton. The motivation for opening a second office is to provide clients in and around Livermore with a more convenient location.  “All of us at JGPC law are excited about opening our new office in Livemore and providing a more efficient and convenient...

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llc documentation

What Do IP Attorneys Do and When Do You Need One?

Ideas, creative inventions and processes, and trademarks are what help give you an edge over your competition, and it is your intellectual property (IP) attorney’s job to ensure these assets continue to provide you benefits and advantages for years to come. Your IP attorney’s mission is simple: to help you take advantage of intellectual property laws in the United States and wherever else your business conducts commercial activity so that your products or services are distinguished from competitors...

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business attorney

What to Look for in a Business Start Up Law Firm

So you have decided to start a new business in California. Along with your investors and startup management team, you will want to have the services of an experienced and knowledgeable California business startup law firm by your side. Even if you have started numerous businesses in the past, there can be countless challenges and obstacles that can derail your business’s plans if they are not appropriately and timely handled. With so many law firms in California clamoring for your business, though,...

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California Collections Law Firm

What Happens in a Legal Mediation Proceeding?

There are several ways that a California business dispute can be resolved, but litigation is usually not the preferred method for doing so. While many businesses will enter the courtroom in order to protect their rights, litigation may be considered by some businesses only as a last resort when other methods of dispute resolution have failed. Not only is litigation expensive (some businesses will have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to their legal teams before the dispute even makes...

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business attorney

What is Civil Litigation?

What is Civil Litigation and When is a Lawyer Needed? Disputes and disagreements are commonplace in the business world, and civil litigation is one method whereby these disputes and disagreements may be resolved. Civil litigation is appropriate in circumstances where arbitration, mediation, and other forms of informal dispute resolution are ineffective. While there is nothing that requires California businesses to retain a lawyer to assist them in navigating the civil litigation process, retaining...

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Why Do Small Businesses Need an Attorney?

California small business owners are usually conscientious about the cost – the cost of their necessary materials they need to manufacture their products or render their services, the cost of hiring and retaining qualified employees, and the cost of keeping their business open and in compliance with the law. Maintaining control over these costs is important: after all, the more costs and expenses a small business incurs, the less profit is available for the business owners to enjoy. For this reason,...

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business law

What Does a Commercial Lawyer Do

New entrepreneurs and small business owners may view commercial lawyers with some amount of suspicion and may hesitate to employ the services of such an attorney. We have heard it is a common perception that attorneys are too costly for new or small businesses and that a commercial attorney – one who is well-versed in the laws and regulations pertaining to business activities – may require too much the business’s limited store of resources to reap the benefits of using a commercial lawyer. Experienced...

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